The BEST in years- 2011 VMA’s

A compilation of tweets:

1. RT @MiloSmalls Vote for @bigsean for Best New Artist at this years VMA’s … text “A” to 66333!! Let’s gooooo!”

2.  Lady Gaga is even ugly as a man. 

3.  Wow!!! Jonah Hill. #twerkitout He’s actually cute skinny!!

4.   Ahhh! #WatchtheThrone Jay & Ye. No words.

5.  Bam! RT @Rikki_Martinez The biebs! #bestmalevideo

6.  And a true lip-syncer 😦 RT @NickyGeezy Chris Brown. A true PERFORMER.

7.  Gaga may have made the amazing Britney tribute the most awkward thing ever.

8.  Beyonce. Unreal. No woman looks that sexy with a sequence suit on. & she gave the baby bump a rub?! #amazeballs

9.  Hahaha. Definitely. RT @HeatherMcDonald Also I totally think Beyonce is pregnant b/c that is the most clothes she’s worn since she was 15

10.  “The kinda voice that Billie Holiday sang with…”- Russell Brand #RIPAmy

11.  “You can’t just be a jazz singer. You either have it or you don’t. Amy had it…all of it.”- Tony Bennett. #RIPAMY Beautiful talent 😥

12.  Remember the days when the VMAs was a “best dressed” occasion? #worstdressedVMAs #KatyPerry #Gaga #NickiMinaj

13.  I just thought…I wonder if Wayne knows he’s wearing LMFAO pants RT @EricDlux Weezy is part of the Party Rock crew? #ThosePants.

14. @BrunoMars performance tonight of Valerie….my favorite #VMA performance of all time.

Fellow music lovers.  Sleep tight.





A Gay a day keeps the stress away.

Okay…that’s not scientifically proven, but I stand behind my statement.  Girls need gay guy friends, period.  If you are reading this and you don’t have any, I’m sorry.  They are better than girlfriends.  Let me tell you why….

1.  They are the most down-to-earth and honest people.

-Gay men know how to keep it real.  They will stand up for you in any situation.  Girls are too hesitant to stand up to other people for you because they’re afraid of what others will think.  A perfect example, my diva-licious friend Cher Perer.

2. They are excellent shopping buddies.

– They are not afraid to tell you when something is absolutely hideous.  Girlfriends are often afraid of hurting your feelings so they sugarcoat things, even when they know you look like a mess.  Translation….Girlfriend-“Oh thats cuuuuute….” Gay friend-“That’s fucking ugly.” It’s that simple.  My gay brother is the definition of blunt.  Thanks David for always telling me when I look fat, haha.

3. They are the biggest ego boosters.

– Try going to a gay club.  See how many gay men come up to you and tell you how pretty, hot, or sexy you are!  Trust me…if your ever having a fat girl day, it’s the best cure. Thanks gay men from Club Eleven! Much appreciated.

4.  They’re hilarious.

–  They are not afraid to say what is on their mind.  Sometimes it can be TMI…but thats what keeps it interesting!  Thanks Ozzie & Javier.

5. Single ladies:  When you go out with them, there is no competitive vibes being exchanged.

– Of course you both take the same amount of time getting ready, and you both want to look like fabulosity, but you won’t be reeling in the same men.  Well….most of the time.  The guy is either straight or gay.  Straight is going home with you…gay will go home with him.  You just saved yourself a fight with your best friend over who was talking to “the hot guy at the bar” first.

6.  Not-so-single Ladies: You can get a guys perspective exactly when you need it.

–  Men and women do not speak the same language.  This has been pretty clear since the beginning of time.  So how do girls know how to make their man happy?  The advice of a gay man! Ex: I told my gay friend the other day that my boyfriend and I were going to a wedding next month.  I told him what I was wearing and he said ok, make sure your guy is wearing a 2-button suit…3 buttons is totally out.  Ummmm….I would have NEVER known that! Thanks Gregory!

So there you have it…you need Gays in your life!  They are like little rays on sunshine….i promise.

One of my favorites: Ross Matthews

Katy Perry…just as BAD as Michael Jackson.

Katy Perry made history yesterday!  Tying Michael Jackson’s record for #1 singles off of one album.  Perry is only the second artist to do so…and obviously the 1st female!  After the news broke she tweeted:  

“What a way to wake up! SO proud to announce that the little-engine-that-could of a song ‘LAST FRIDAY NIGHT’ is officially #1 & made HISTORY!

I am so proud of her as an artist and as a woman!  Her first single didn’t exactly seem like it was setting her up for success, but she knew what she was doing.  She is at the top now, beating out Gaga & Justin Timberlake who each had 4 #1 singles off their albums “Fame” and “FutureSex/LoveSounds”. 

AND….Katy breaks another record this week with her extension on the Top 10 chart.  This week is her 66th week of being on the Top 10!  She is the first artist in 5 decades to do so!  This is a woman that has set the bar for all female artists that follow.  She is one that is NOT afraid to display her sexuality and be a woman…in front of the entire world.  She totally deserves it! 

Fabulous Flick: The Help

Last week the movie  ‘The Help’ starring Emma Stone and Viola Davis hit theaters.  Unfortunately I only have one day off a week and on that day off I spend time with my boyfriend, who just so happens to HATE movies.  So I finally got to watch it yesterday with a girlfriend, because thats who you bring to these sort of movies…a friend or your mom.  Seriously.  

I expected this movie to be great, but I had no idea that it would make me laugh, cry, and become filled with frustration about America’s past…all in 2 hours!  It was MUCH more than I imagined.  Emma Stone, Viola Davis, and Octavia L. Spencer captivated the hearts of the audience, effortlessly.  The film really makes you think about how ridiculous it is that only 50 years ago racism was the way of life in America.  How disgusting people were for treating a person more like an animal than a human being.  A time when most children were raised by their maids,  not their parents.  A time when ‘the help’ was a part of the family but very far from being treated like it.  This film was one of my all time favorites released this year!  Go see it, enjoy yourself. 

Damn Yeezy & Hov, where the hell you been?

Exactly one week ago the most anticipated album of the year was released.  Not a track had leaked before 12 a.m on August 8th, and the release of the single ‘Otis’ had only left fans more anxious.

Upon the first listen I was a little lost, and overwhelmed.  I had been looking forward to this album so much that when I actually listened to it I was too excited to think!  I didn’t even want to write about the album until I was sure I had a firm grip on all that it meant to me.  Music touches every individual very differently. This album is about more than pride. It is about two music greats coming together to make what most of the world has forgotten about…music with meaning.  They put thought into EVERY lyric, every featured artist, and every song title.  Do yourself a favor… listen to it alone at least once.  Just vibe to it and appreciate it.

Personal Picks:

1. Murder to Excellence

2.New Day


4.Made in America

5. N*ggas in Paris.

Sunday morning, praise the Lord. You’re the girl that Jesus been saving me for, So lets savor this moment and take it to the floor.- Murder to Excellence 

Street justice, I pray God understand us.  I pledge allegiance to all the scramblers.  This is the Star Spangled Banner.- Made in America

Luxury rap.  The Hermes of verses.- Otis

Goodbye George Lopez.

This guy cannot catch a break!  First, his hit sitcom ‘George Lopez’ was cancelled after its five year run, now his late night show?  ‘Lopez Tonight’ will run its last show this Thursday.  TBS says that its ratings have declined since it was pushed to the midnight time slot.  The reasoning behind the time adjustment was Conan’s move to TBS.  I am genuinely disappointed with TBS’ decision! I’m going to go ahead and say, this is going to cause a stir among the Mexican-American community.

Here is LAST night’s episode. 🙂

Act your age.

This weekend my girlfriends & I did a 12-hour Vegas trip!  We left my house at 9 p.m…didn’t arrive until 1 a.m and didn’t get to the club until 2 a.m.  I’ve never done a one-nighter because I am such a grandma sometimes! We had so much fun.  First we went to Vanity, then rode on over to Marquee around 3 a.m.  We partied till about 6 a.m. 🙂  We’re only young once right?! I learned to enjoy life, stop being skeptical…and just have fun!