A Gay a day keeps the stress away.

Okay…that’s not scientifically proven, but I stand behind my statement.  Girls need gay guy friends, period.  If you are reading this and you don’t have any, I’m sorry.  They are better than girlfriends.  Let me tell you why….

1.  They are the most down-to-earth and honest people.

-Gay men know how to keep it real.  They will stand up for you in any situation.  Girls are too hesitant to stand up to other people for you because they’re afraid of what others will think.  A perfect example, my diva-licious friend Cher Perer.

2. They are excellent shopping buddies.

– They are not afraid to tell you when something is absolutely hideous.  Girlfriends are often afraid of hurting your feelings so they sugarcoat things, even when they know you look like a mess.  Translation….Girlfriend-“Oh thats cuuuuute….” Gay friend-“That’s fucking ugly.” It’s that simple.  My gay brother is the definition of blunt.  Thanks David for always telling me when I look fat, haha.

3. They are the biggest ego boosters.

– Try going to a gay club.  See how many gay men come up to you and tell you how pretty, hot, or sexy you are!  Trust me…if your ever having a fat girl day, it’s the best cure. Thanks gay men from Club Eleven! Much appreciated.

4.  They’re hilarious.

–  They are not afraid to say what is on their mind.  Sometimes it can be TMI…but thats what keeps it interesting!  Thanks Ozzie & Javier.

5. Single ladies:  When you go out with them, there is no competitive vibes being exchanged.

– Of course you both take the same amount of time getting ready, and you both want to look like fabulosity, but you won’t be reeling in the same men.  Well….most of the time.  The guy is either straight or gay.  Straight is going home with you…gay will go home with him.  You just saved yourself a fight with your best friend over who was talking to “the hot guy at the bar” first.

6.  Not-so-single Ladies: You can get a guys perspective exactly when you need it.

–  Men and women do not speak the same language.  This has been pretty clear since the beginning of time.  So how do girls know how to make their man happy?  The advice of a gay man! Ex: I told my gay friend the other day that my boyfriend and I were going to a wedding next month.  I told him what I was wearing and he said ok, make sure your guy is wearing a 2-button suit…3 buttons is totally out.  Ummmm….I would have NEVER known that! Thanks Gregory!

So there you have it…you need Gays in your life!  They are like little rays on sunshine….i promise.

One of my favorites: Ross Matthews

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