Damn Yeezy & Hov, where the hell you been?

Exactly one week ago the most anticipated album of the year was released.  Not a track had leaked before 12 a.m on August 8th, and the release of the single ‘Otis’ had only left fans more anxious.

Upon the first listen I was a little lost, and overwhelmed.  I had been looking forward to this album so much that when I actually listened to it I was too excited to think!  I didn’t even want to write about the album until I was sure I had a firm grip on all that it meant to me.  Music touches every individual very differently. This album is about more than pride. It is about two music greats coming together to make what most of the world has forgotten about…music with meaning.  They put thought into EVERY lyric, every featured artist, and every song title.  Do yourself a favor… listen to it alone at least once.  Just vibe to it and appreciate it.

Personal Picks:

1. Murder to Excellence

2.New Day


4.Made in America

5. N*ggas in Paris.

Sunday morning, praise the Lord. You’re the girl that Jesus been saving me for, So lets savor this moment and take it to the floor.- Murder to Excellence 

Street justice, I pray God understand us.  I pledge allegiance to all the scramblers.  This is the Star Spangled Banner.- Made in America

Luxury rap.  The Hermes of verses.- Otis

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