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Fabulous Flick: The Help

Last week the movie  ‘The Help’ starring Emma Stone and Viola Davis hit theaters.  Unfortunately I only have one day off a week and on that day off I spend time with my boyfriend, who just so happens to HATE movies.  So I finally got to watch it yesterday with a girlfriend, because thats who you bring to these sort of movies…a friend or your mom.  Seriously.  

I expected this movie to be great, but I had no idea that it would make me laugh, cry, and become filled with frustration about America’s past…all in 2 hours!  It was MUCH more than I imagined.  Emma Stone, Viola Davis, and Octavia L. Spencer captivated the hearts of the audience, effortlessly.  The film really makes you think about how ridiculous it is that only 50 years ago racism was the way of life in America.  How disgusting people were for treating a person more like an animal than a human being.  A time when most children were raised by their maids,  not their parents.  A time when ‘the help’ was a part of the family but very far from being treated like it.  This film was one of my all time favorites released this year!  Go see it, enjoy yourself. 

The new “IT” girl.

Emma Stone is Hollywood’s new it girl.  Witty, sexy, dorky, and smart all at the same time.  She got her big screen debut in Superbad and soon after was cast in ‘Zombieland’ then took the lead in ‘Easy A’.  She is in “Crazy Stupid Love”, in theaters now!  She plays  a law student who falls in love with the beautiful Ryan Gosling.  I love that they did not change her persona, even when she was portraying a slightly sexier image.  She was still a little awkward and quirky!  She is going to star in “The Help”, in theaters on August 10 and the new Spiderman movie  ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ in July of 2012.  Keep an eye on Emma, she’ll only go up from here!

Friday Flicks.

Movies out TODAY:

Rotten Tomatos gave “Friends with Benefits” a 69%…but even if it turns out to be cheesy, you cant go wrong with Mila Kunis and JT!  Hopefully it is not a reincarnation of Ashton Kutcher & Natalie Portman’s “No Strings Attached”.  Rotten Tomatoes gave Captain America a 71%…the trailer looks amazing and we all know Chris Evans does great in these sorta films!  Go out and watch them and make your own opinion…critics help, but all that matters is that YOU enjoy it!  Happy Friday!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II

Alright, so I’m a Harry Potter nerd…not afraid to admit it.  Ten years ago I picked up my first J.K Rowling book and was completely intrigued with her use of the english language.  The thought behind each word, character, and situation just captured me.  Like many of you I feel like I’ve grown up with Harry!  The last of the movie series is not released until Thursday at midnight…but I was lucky enough to see it last night!  I know you don’t want me to give it away…don’t worry I won’t!  I’m just here to give you the fan-feedback.

First of all, it is a must-see in IMAX 3D…it’s a little more $ but definitely worth it! Because it’s in IMAX…it’s 3D throughout the film…not just for the ending scene, like the previous films.  Second, I hope you re-watched the Deathly Hallows Part I recently, so your not sitting there going over movies and books in your head trying to piece together what is going on.  Third, DO NOT sit next to anyone who looks like a SUPER Fan…that means stay away from anyone wearing a Harry Potter ensemble.  They will likely…cry hysterically, whisper loudly, or start yelling encouraging words at the screen.  Now, onto the movie.  It truly brings the war that occurs in the last half of the Deathly Hallows to life.  It was a little more gruesome than I expected at times, and was funnier also! I laughed more than I cried!  There was a little more romance too, I can tell you there was a lot of squealing going on amongst the audience.  I also think because they split this book into two and didn’t have to shorten it was much, it was a little truer to the book than some of the other movies.  I enjoyed every minute of it, and hope you do as well!  Let me know what you think of it 🙂

P.S They also give you these cute Harry Potter themed 3D glasses!