The new “IT” girl.

Emma Stone is Hollywood’s new it girl.  Witty, sexy, dorky, and smart all at the same time.  She got her big screen debut in Superbad and soon after was cast in ‘Zombieland’ then took the lead in ‘Easy A’.  She is in “Crazy Stupid Love”, in theaters now!  She plays  a law student who falls in love with the beautiful Ryan Gosling.  I love that they did not change her persona, even when she was portraying a slightly sexier image.  She was still a little awkward and quirky!  She is going to star in “The Help”, in theaters on August 10 and the new Spiderman movie  ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ in July of 2012.  Keep an eye on Emma, she’ll only go up from here!

Music Monday with Disko Drew.

Download the latest mix by Power 106’s Disko Drew here.  I Just Wanna Dance Volume 2 is an awesome mix of house, dance, and electro.  It’s going to be your new favorite workout mix, or your “getting ready to go out” mix, trust me!  

Twitter: @DiskoDrew

Don’t snooze on the shoes.

Ladies, men know we love our heels, and lets be honest…they love seeing us in them!  Finding the perfect pair of heels is all about timing and comfort.  Right now, summer is ending and fall is approaching. This means don’t go out and buy cork wedges, unless your saving them for next year!  Cork is out anyway, your welcome for saving you the embarrassment :).  I am totally against purchasing cheap shoes from those little knockoff stores in the mall.  These are your feet were talking about!  Treat them nicely!  You’ll go through 2 pairs of the cheap ones in the time it takes to go through some Sam Edelmans or Jessica Simpsons.  I promise! Here are some ideas for some heels that will make a smooth transition into fall.  Funky, flirty, and fashionable!

DV by Dolce Vita ‘Wyatt Bootie’ : 129.95 [Nordstrom sale: 79.90]Coach ‘Sandra’ Heel: 218.00Michael Kors ‘Sophia Bootie’: 194.95 [Nordstrom sale: 129.90]Coach ‘Sophia’ Heel: 218.00Jeffrey Campbell ‘Zup’ Bootie: 204.95
Steve Madden ‘Sarrina’ Pump: 99.95

Yesi Ortiz is “Single with 7”.

Starting tonight at 9 p.m on the Style Network is a new docu-series starring L.A’s very own Yesi Ortiz.  Most of you know Yesi as the fun-loving afternoon girl on L.A’s hip-hop station Power 106.  I remember the first time I met Yesi, I was just overtaken by her kindness towards others.  We were just having a casual conversation and I said “Yesi, do you have kids?”  She responded with a “Yes.”  I smiled, and said “Oh really? How many!”  She then said “I have seven.”  I didn’t mean to appear so shocked, but she was so young, and such a career-driven woman.  She laughed and told me she had adopted them and they were all her nieces and nephews.  This confirmed my initial belief about Yesi, her kindness and compassion were simply out of this world.  I had a chance to speak with Yesi about the show and asked her “If nothing else, what is one thing you want people to walk away learning from your show?”  She said, “Balancing a family and a career isn’t easy, but possible.  If I can fight to make it in my situation, they can too.”  Watch the trailer for the show and tune in TONIGHT at 9 p.m to the STYLE Network, you will not be disappointed!

One of its most unique voices in music…lost.

Amy Winehouse, 27 was found dead in her London flat today.  The cause of death has not been stated, but I’m sure most of us can assume it was substance abuse.  It is terrible that nobody is surprised by her early passing, but it does not make it any less tragic.  Amy Winehouse did things different in music, and that is something that does not happen very often.  She had such a unique talent, her voice was completely different then anyone of our time.  I genuinely appreciate what she gave this world, great music.  Rest in Peace Amy Winehouse.  

Friday Flicks.

Movies out TODAY:

Rotten Tomatos gave “Friends with Benefits” a 69%…but even if it turns out to be cheesy, you cant go wrong with Mila Kunis and JT!  Hopefully it is not a reincarnation of Ashton Kutcher & Natalie Portman’s “No Strings Attached”.  Rotten Tomatoes gave Captain America a 71%…the trailer looks amazing and we all know Chris Evans does great in these sorta films!  Go out and watch them and make your own opinion…critics help, but all that matters is that YOU enjoy it!  Happy Friday!

Music needed this.