Fabulous Flick: The Help

Last week the movie  ‘The Help’ starring Emma Stone and Viola Davis hit theaters.  Unfortunately I only have one day off a week and on that day off I spend time with my boyfriend, who just so happens to HATE movies.  So I finally got to watch it yesterday with a girlfriend, because thats who you bring to these sort of movies…a friend or your mom.  Seriously.  

I expected this movie to be great, but I had no idea that it would make me laugh, cry, and become filled with frustration about America’s past…all in 2 hours!  It was MUCH more than I imagined.  Emma Stone, Viola Davis, and Octavia L. Spencer captivated the hearts of the audience, effortlessly.  The film really makes you think about how ridiculous it is that only 50 years ago racism was the way of life in America.  How disgusting people were for treating a person more like an animal than a human being.  A time when most children were raised by their maids,  not their parents.  A time when ‘the help’ was a part of the family but very far from being treated like it.  This film was one of my all time favorites released this year!  Go see it, enjoy yourself. 

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