Don’t snooze on the shoes.

Ladies, men know we love our heels, and lets be honest…they love seeing us in them!  Finding the perfect pair of heels is all about timing and comfort.  Right now, summer is ending and fall is approaching. This means don’t go out and buy cork wedges, unless your saving them for next year!  Cork is out anyway, your welcome for saving you the embarrassment :).  I am totally against purchasing cheap shoes from those little knockoff stores in the mall.  These are your feet were talking about!  Treat them nicely!  You’ll go through 2 pairs of the cheap ones in the time it takes to go through some Sam Edelmans or Jessica Simpsons.  I promise! Here are some ideas for some heels that will make a smooth transition into fall.  Funky, flirty, and fashionable!

DV by Dolce Vita ‘Wyatt Bootie’ : 129.95 [Nordstrom sale: 79.90]Coach ‘Sandra’ Heel: 218.00Michael Kors ‘Sophia Bootie’: 194.95 [Nordstrom sale: 129.90]Coach ‘Sophia’ Heel: 218.00Jeffrey Campbell ‘Zup’ Bootie: 204.95
Steve Madden ‘Sarrina’ Pump: 99.95

2 responses to “Don’t snooze on the shoes.

  1. is aldo considered cheap?? lol

  2. I have mixed feelings about Aldo…from my experience, I think the shoes are too expensive for the quality! All the shoes I’ve gotten from there have worn down really quickly :/

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